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The Circle

Circle and their Attributes

Circle is a simple closed curve and it can be defined as follows:

A circle is the locus of points in a plane which are equidistant from a fixed point in the same plane. 

The fixed point is called centre of the circle and distance (constant distance) of each point from centre is called radius of the circle.

A circle exhibits various interesting properties which make it a special geometric figure.

Let us discuss the same. 

Minor and major arc: 

An arc less than one-half of the entire arc of a circle is called the minor arc of the circle, while an arc greater than one-half of the entire arc of a circle is called the major arc of the circle.

Semicircular arc:

Diameter of a circle divides it into two congruent arcs. Each of these arcs is known as semicircular arc.

In the above figure, PQ is diameter which formed semicircular arcs PBQ and PAQ.  


A line that meets a circle at two points is called the secant of the circle.

Look at the following figure.

In the figure, a line l intersects the circle at two points i.e., A and B. This line is called the secant to the circle.


A line that meets a circle at one and only one point is called a tangent to the circle. The point where the tangent touches the circle is called the point of contact.

Consider the following figure.

What do you observe in this f…

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