ICSE Class 6

For Class 6 students studying in ICSE affiliated schools, can now access a huge resource of study material, optimised for ICSE board, on meritnation.com. Class 6 students studying in the ICSE curriculum have an all-inclusive syllabus for subjects like the Sciences, Math, English and Hindi. We have paid special attention to this fact and made sure that Class 6 students do not have to look elsewhere for any sort of academic guidance.

ICSE - Class 6

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Some features for ICSE Science Class 6 are:

  • Extensive study material explaining all chapters and syllabus effectively
  • Interesting videos and animations to keep students from getting bored
  • Engaging study material to clear doubts in chapters studied
  • Quick revision enabled with concise revision notes for all topics
  • ICSE class 6 Sample Papers help students practise till they are perfect
  • Test Generator and Chapters tests for ICSE class 6 to assess progress with personalised reports
  • Live Test Series to learn and test yourself in Math and Science in a competitive scenario
  • Formative Assessment strengthens students’ basics and foundation in different subjects

With meritnation.com, students can explore their interest in various subjects, having left behind the anxiety about doing well in exams. Once ICSE class 6 students have learnt the significant basics as well as the complexities of the topics in their syllabus, scoring good marks is only a one step away. Meritnation.com deals with all ICSE class 6 subjects, differently, with the aim to help students ace their curriculum, not just study it.

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