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ICSE Class 8

Our experts have devised a smart and revolutionary way for ICSE students to master their class 8 curriculum. An entire module dedicated to tutoring students in all ICSE class 8 subjects makes it easier for students to grasp what they learn, and retain the same. Our study material for ICSE students is planned in such a way that students enjoy learning and and become confident when it comes to answering questions and taking examinations.

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ICSE - Class 8

Some features for ICSE Science Class 8 are:

  • The best online study material for ICSE class 8 aided by videos and animations
  • Engaging activities that keep students’ interest alive
  • Unlimited practice questions to help students excel in exams
  • Class 8 Chapter Tests, Sample Papers and Test Generator for steady exam prep
  • Live Test Series for students to practise Math and Science within a competitive atmosphere
  • Formative Assessment for Class 8 students to strengthen their foundation in academics
  • Millions of academic doubts and queries solved by study experts

For students studying on Meritnation, the subjects in their curriculum cease to be mere academic subjects. With the kind of tutoring we make available, ICSE students learn to apply the subjects in their everyday life and as a result, can deal with exams much better. The end result of the process is students scoring more in exams, without any stress.

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