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CBSE - CBSE Sample Papers - Board Papers

Over 1 Crore CBSE students from across the globe are taking studies to a whole new level with Meritnation's world-class study material and interactive videos & animations.

Salient Features

  • The best Sample Papers for CBSE classes 1-12 designed by experts
  • Comprehensive Test papers help you gain true practise
  • Chapter Tests, Test Generator and Live Test Series for individual assessment
  • Free NCERT Solutions become your ideal homework companion
  • Textbook Solutions for Maths and Science
  • High quality Videos and animations keep students rapt and attentive
  • Fun activities, full of colorful animated graphics
  • CBSE Notes that refine exam preparation
  • Formative Assessment helps strengthen foundation of all topics

Popular Textbooks for CBSE Class VI

RD Sharma (2013)

Living Science

Popular Textbooks for CBSE Class VII

RD Sharma (2014)

Living Science

Popular Textbooks for CBSE Class VIII

RD Sharma

Living Science

Popular Textbooks for CBSE Class IX

RD Sharma

RS Aggarwal

Popular Textbooks for CBSE Class X

RD Sharma (2014)

RS Aggarwal (2015)

Popular Textbooks for CBSE Class XI-Science

TR Jain & VK Ohri (2016)

HC Verma - I

Popular Textbooks for CBSE Class XII-Science

RD Sharma XII Vol 1 (2015)

RD Sharma XII Vol 2 (2015)

Popular Textbooks for CBSE Class XI-Commerce

TR Jain & VK Ohri (2016)

Sandeep Garg (2016)

Popular Textbooks for CBSE Class XI-Humanities

TR Jain & VK Ohri (2016)

Sandeep Garg (2016)


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Our Study Material: Designed to help students learn and score

Our CBSE Study Material is designed by experts to ensure thorough learning & quick understanding of key concepts. It is the most comprehensive online content bank for CBSE board studies with rich topic coverage, beautiful illustrations & engaging animated videos. We cover all subjects in CBSE board right from Math, Science to Social Studies & languages.

Our CBSE Study Notes help students in truly building their foundations while keeping them Interested. This leads to true learning and much better performance in exams.

Free NCERT Solutions: The best homework partner

We offer custom made NCERT solutions for CBSE students. Now students have something reliable to refer to, in case of any hurdle. Be it a doubt during an everyday study routine, or an urgent exam-time requirement, free NCERT solutions meet students' expectations each time!

Ask and Answer: Get queries solved by Experts

Need a place to raise your queries and doubts? Meritnation offers you that, and much more!

An excellent feature to ask your questions, which get solved by certified experts for CBSE subjects. With millions of solved questions to choose from, CBSE students can strengthen their concepts in all topics and subjects.

Textbook Solutions, Sample Papers and Board Papers

While many textbooks for Math and Science claim to give you the best questions for exam prep, none provide satisfactory solutions to complement them. CBSE students can access solutions for popular textbooks like R.D. Sharma and Lakhmir Singh on the website. Additionally, sample papers and model test papers prepared by experts help you practise till you are perfect. Board paper solutions for CBSE Class 10 and CBSE Class 12 help students gain much needed practise before the dreaded board exams too! CBSE Sample papers & board paper solutions give you an exact idea of what to expect in these exams and how to conquer them with ease.