Subject: Economics, asked on 29/11/15

Can anyone help me in these projects . Minimum 10 pages

Hypothesis :

1.Mosquito densities are significantlypositively correlated with tree densities.

2.Stray dogs exhibit a lesser variety of colours than pet dogs.

3.Over time, paper mills have beenbringing in forest based raw material from greater andgreater distances.

4.Over time, paper and polyfibre millshave switched from use of forest based to farm producedraw material.

5.Over time, proportion of paperproduced from imported pulp has been increasing .

6.The number of distinctive uses of bamboo that a person can name increases with age.

7.The ratio of price of paper to theroyalty paid to the Forest Departments has decreasedover time.

8.Bamboo densities are inverselyproportional to cattle densities as assessed from cattledung densities.

9.The greater the population of avillage/town/city, greater the technological inputs in itsdrinking water supply.

10.: A comparison of the species that have declined over the last five years with those that haveincreased reveals that more xerophytic species are onthe increase.

11.Bamboo densities are higher inreserved as compared to protected forests.

12.The lake receives more water fromsewage than natural water flow.

13.Organic farms exhibit a significantlygreater diversity of crops than non-organic farms.

14.Organic farms exhibit a significantlygreater abundance of spiders than non-organic farms.

15.Organic farms exhibit significantlylower per hectare yields of any given crop than nonorganic farms.

16.Insect/disease damage to crops issignificantly higher in monoculture than in mixed crops.

17.Bird and mammal damage to crops issignificantly higher in fields closer to forest patches.

18.Urban birds include a significantlyhigher proportion of species from forest than grasslandhabitats. : Fish species diversity is significantlylower in reservoirs than in rivers.

19.: Lichen species diversity is significantlyhigher in wetter habitats.

20. Lichen species diversity is significantlyhigher in cooler habitats.

21.Mollusk species diversity of freshwater bodies declines with increasing opacity of water.

22.Diversity of insects caught in lighttraps declines significantly following forest/grasslandfire.

23.Medicinal plants include asignificantly higher proportion of species belonging towet tropical forest habitat.

24.Species whose wood is used forcarving include a significantly higher proportion ofspecies from wet tropical forest.

25.Cultivated plants include asignificantly higher proportion of successional/ pioneerspecies.

26.Cultivated plants include asignificantly higher proportion of species belonging tograssland habitats.

27.Educational institutions have alower density of trees per unit open space than housingsocieties.

28.Proportion of households consumingself caught fish declines with size of agriculturallandholding.

29.Proportion of people consuming wildroots and tubers at home has declined over time.

Subject: Economics, asked on 24/2/12

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