Class 12 Physics: Tips to Ace The Exam

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physics tips for class 12Studying smart is the key to success. Following a well thought out pattern to prepare for an exam is most efficient and will reflect in your marks. A tough subject like Physics needs a lot of attention and understanding of concepts, both for students appearing for Boards and especially from the perspective of  JEE and AIPMT aspirants. Let’s follow some simple steps to studying Physics more effectively and acing our exams:

1. Start Revising Early: Kickstart your Physics revisions sooner than later. You must have heard the phrase-the sooner the better.

2. Review, Revise, Review: It is quite obvious that you might not be able to retain what you read in just one go. The method of reviewing-revising and again reviewing, will help you to remember the portion in the longer run and you’ll be confident to answer any question anytime.

3. Learn all equations and derivations: Learning them all will make studying smooth and effective. Since Physics is a subject based on equations and derivations, keeping them on your tips will be helpful and is a good practice.

4. Strengthen your Mathematics skills: Physics requires and incorporates many mathematical elements. Mastering Physics will become easy-breezy and you’ll be tackling multiple problems and formulas.

5. Make use of learning aids: Using visual aids such as diagrams, mind maps , flashcards, charts can be extremely beneficial. Keep them handy or place them on the wall.

6. Simplification: Physics problems can be terrifying at times. Just keep your calm and face them with patience. Give time to analyse the whole question and try solving it step by step.

7. Test your capabilities: Look for practice papers from various sources and try solving as many as possible. Solving them will increase your speed, solving abilities and you’ll gauge how to manage your time and how much time to spend on each problem to be solved.

Other Important Tips:


1. Make a list of the topics you are well versed with and the topics you need to work on.

2. Prepare pointers to indicate derivations from each chapter. Add proofs to them.

3. Practice graphs and diagrams. Learn all circuit diagrams and ray diagrams with proper labellings.

4. Do not miss on units of measurements and other details while answering the questions as units are very important. You may lose marks if these minor details are missing.

5. Read the question paper clearly and decide which ones to do first. Try following the serial number. Avoid repetition of discussion points and show the answers derived in a clean manner.


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