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Thermal equilibrium and Zeroth law of Thermodynamics


The word thermodynamics is itself made up of two words 'therm' meaning heat and 'dynamics' meaning motion, Thus giving us the complete meaning as the Heat in motion. In this chapter we will study the interrelation between Heat and Work, We will see how Heat is used to do the work or we can say how heat energy is used to carry out the physical work. 

In thermodynamics, we will see what happens when a hot body comes in contact with a colder body at a much lower temperature than the hot one. We will understand how a heat engine is used to carry out mechanical work and vice-versa. We will see different types of processes and how work is carried out in each process. 

In this chapter, we will also see the working of a refrigerator and the thermodynamic principles associated with it. The efficiency associated with the Heat engine and refrigerator is studied. We will learn about the basic laws of thermodynamics, along with their statements. 


  • Thermodynamics deals with heat and temperature, and the inter-conversion of heat and other energy forms.

  • Thermodynamics is a macroscopic science. It deals with the bulk system and does not go into the molecular constitution of matter.

  • Thermal equilibrium: State of a…

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