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Q4. Read the following passage carefully.


New Delhi: Atithi Devo Bhavah. To make visitors to the city feel welcome during the

Commonwealth Games, India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) is set to train taxi and

auto drivers, CISF personnel posted at monuments, dhaba owners, hotel staff etc. Participants

will be taught English as well as courtesy and ways to communicate with tourists. At present,

there is a shortage of trained guides in the city and with Commonwealth Games drawing close,

the issue has to be addressed promptly.

With hundreds of historical sites to visit and each monument boasting its own unique history,

foreign nationals are often left to fend for themselves and depend on tourist books and

brochures for information. Language is another problem. Quite a contrast to facilities offered in

tourist sites in western countries, where trained guides-proficient in several languages-are easily

available to aid visitors apart from group-guided trips at regular intervals. Although the

Archeological Survey of India (ASI) plans to introduce audio guide services in five languages at

some world heritage sites our experts point that not a single monument or tourist place in the

city has an interpretation centre where tourists can come and get all information pertaining to a

particular site. ASI is also in the process of bringing out more brochures and guides for foreign

visitors in the city. Experts say such facilities are crucial if the government wants to promote

Delhi as a 'heritage city'. Various agencies like INTACH are also involved in the plans.

Under ITDC's plans, etiquette training for the Games will also be provided to residents who offer

rooms to foreigners under Delhi government's bed and breakfast scheme. "House-owners will

be given hospitality related training and a brief of Indian tourism scenario. Most visitors

generally question their hosts on information about the city so they will be provided information

on the golden triangle- Delhi, Agra and Jaipur as well as where tourists should go visiting in

Delhi," said an official.

Read the questions given below and write the option you consider the most appropriate

in your answer sheet.

(a) What are the initiatives to be taken up by the India Tourism Development Corporation

to make the visitors feel welcome during the Commonwealth Games?

(i) training of drivers, CISF personals, dhaba owners and hotel staff.

(ii) promoting the sale of tourist books and brochures.

(iii) arranging audio cassettes and tapes on tourism.

(iv) constructing more bed and breakfast homes.

(b) How have the western countries managed to offer aid and better facilities to their


(i) by providing good tourist books and brochures.

(ii) by providing well-behaved and courteous guides.

(iii) by training guides in several languages and group-guided trips at regular intervals.

(iv) by allowing foreign nationals to fend for themselves.

(c) Apart from the guides and the guided tours, Archeological Survey of India has

expressed the need for establishing ______________ at historical sites to help tourists.

(i) interpretation centres. (ii) rehabilitation centres.

(iii) cessation centres. (iv) training centres.

(d) What steps have been taken by ASI to promote Delhi as a heritage site?

(i) making brochures very informative and training the residents.

(ii) bringing out more brochures and involving other agencies in planning and visitor


(iii) offering tourists all sources of comfort for their stay and visits to historical sites.

(iv) providing owners of bed and breakfast homes information about Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

(e) _________________ are to be provided to residents who offer rooms to foreigners

under ITDC's plan.

(i) comfortable stay, friendly and hospitable treatment

(ii) etiquette training, hospitality treatment

(iii) better tourist guides and interpretation centres

(iv) visits to the golden triangle cities.

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