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An email is an abbreviation for ‘electronic mail’. It is a ‘store and forward’ method of composing, sending, storing and receiving messages over electronic communication systems and is the quickest way to communicate in writing. Since, paper is not required for writing an email, it may be referred to as ‘eco-friendly’ way of communicating with others.

An email consists of two major sections:

1. Header which comprises email address of the sender and receiver; date and a subject

2. Body which comprises the main message to be conveyed through the letter. It could be a formal or an informal message depending on the purpose.

Difference between an email and a letter:

A letter is a hand-written or a printed mode of communication while an email is a modern mode of communication, where the message is typed or merely copied and pasted. A letter can be addressed to just one person or organization and is usually transmitted by mail. On the contrary, an email may be addressed to n-number of people and is transmitted through internet.

The difference also lies in the time taken for transmission of a message from the sender to the recipient. An email gets transmitted instantly while a letter takes more time to reach.

Points To Remember:

1. Subject or purpose of writing should be me…

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