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Unit 5 Land Of All Seasons

Question 1:


Two couples, Mr. and Mrs. Apple and Mr. and Mrs. Banana, are going on individual vacations. One person wants to fly to Kathmandu, one to London, one to Frankfurt, and one to Hong Kong.

Of these four, only two can fly on a weekend.

One of those two is going to London.

One woman wants to fly to Hong Kong on a weekend.

Her husband wants to go to Kathmandu.

Mrs. Banana must leave on a weekday.

1. Where does Mrs. Banana want to go?

(a) Kathmandu

(b) London

(c) Frankfurt

(d) Hong Kong

2. Where and when does Mr. Banana want to go?

(a) to London on a weekend

(b) to Kathmandu on a weekend

(c) to Frankfurt on a weekend

(d) to Hong Kong on a weekday

(e) to London on a weekday

3. Who wants to fly to Kathmandu?

(a) Mrs. Banana

(b) Mr. Banana

(c) Mrs. Apple

(d) Mr. Apple


1. (d) Hong Kong


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