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Separation of Substances

Need for Separating Substances

In our daily life, we encounter a lot of mixtures. A mixture is formed when two substances are mixed in any proportion. For example, when we mix sand and water, or salt and water, we get a mixture.

Now, many times it happens that a mixture contains a useful component and a non-useful component, or two useful components. To obtain these components, we need to separate the mixture. For example, when tea is prepared, tea leaves are separated from the tea using a strainer.

Mixtures are separated for various purposes. Before we use a substance, we need to separate the harmful or non-useful substances that may be mixed with it. Sometimes useful components are also separated if they have to be used independently. For example, milk or curd is churned to separate butter.

The substances that have to be separated may be of different sizes or materials.

A few processes of separation are given below, with the purpose of separation and the usage of the separated components also provided in different columns. Can you match each …

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