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Class 10 - English - Patol Babu, Film Star

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Patol Babu, Film Star

Question 6:


Then he had a job in a Bengali firm which he gave up in disgust when his boss began to treat him in too high-handed a fashion

stimulate the imagination


A faint memory was stirred up in

Patol Babu's mind.

to surrender or relinquish


At first he opened a variety store which he had to wind up after five years.



In Jatras, in amateur theatricals, to gain control over one's actions in plays put up by the club in his neighbourhood, Patol Babu was always in demand

to gain control over one's actions


Patol Babu was about to step forward when he was pulled up short by a voice shouting 'Silence!'

shut down


Patol Babu pulled himself together


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