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Class 10 - English - Unit-1 Whopping Walter Hudson

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Unit-1 Whopping Walter Hudson

Question C.3:

Find words in the passage from the paragraphs indicated within brackets and complete the following sentences. Use only one word, in its appropriate form, in each blank.

1. Some people are so_______________ to their work that they have no time for their family. (para-2)

2. Harshad's corrupt practices soon gained him___________________ in the city. (para-2)

3. When a person is dehydrated, he should be given ____________________ amounts of fluid. (para-6)

4. He visited various vintage car rallies because he had a _____________________ for old cars. (para-7)

5. If you over-eat and do not exercise, you will become__________________.(para-9)

6. The driver had to _________________ the winding road to the mountain top with caution. (para-8)

7. The new literacy programme _______________ a 20% increase in the literacy rate over the next two years. (para-11)

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