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Class 10 - English - Unit-4 Geological Heritage

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Unit-4 Geological Heritage

Question E.2:

The box below contains ten words from the passage. Use them appropriately to fill the blanks in the sentences that follow:

Mammoth, Precariously, Subterranean, Ensconce,

Alacrity, Exponential, Snazzy, Apathy,

Abutting, Booming

1. While food production has shown only marginal improvement, the demand for food grains, vegetables and fruits has registered an _________________ growth the world over, forcing governments to initiate urgent measures to establish a balance between supply and demand.

2. To construct the _________________structure, the builder had to use enormous quantities of concrete.

3. When he returned from the office, he _________________ himself in an armchair and asked for a cup of tea.

4. When the teacher saw a student perched _________________on the branch of a tree, she asked him to climb down immediately.

5. The newly appointed office assistant earned the praise of her colleagues for the _________________with which she completed the tasks assigned to her.

6. The new office building was _________________ with its bright and fashionable exterior.

7. The pensioner did not get his dues in time on account of the _________________of the officials.

8. The land _________________ the post office was procured by the authorities for expanding the building that housed it.

9. Merchants stock up on goods during festival seasons to meet the _________________ demand and declare discounts when the sales slacken.

10. During wars armies dig up _________________ passages for the movement of troops and supplies unseen by the enemy.

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