5 Ways to Overcome Stress While Appearing for Karnataka SSLC Exam

Being one of the most important exams of the state, it is a common phenomenon among many students who are appearing for Karnataka SSLC Exam is to get stressed. No matter how much you try to stay focused, with the huge competition building up, getting stressed before the exam is very natural. The Karnataka Board however understands the adverse effect on the overall performance of the students if they are stressed before the exam. The Board has accordingly taken initiative and every year it starts helpline for students who wants to consult subject experts and counselors. The helpline numbers for students appearing in Karnataka SSLC Exam, 2014 is 080-23310075 and 080-23310076 and is functional from 10:15 am to 5 pm for March 11th to 27th and from 9 am to 2 pm from March 28th till April 9th. With around 4000 calls received in the helpline number in 2013, the Karnataka Board feels that the helpline number contributes a lot in relieving students from stress and helps them concentrate on the exams. With around 8.26 lakh students appearing in the Karnataka SSLC Exam conducted in over 3016 exam centres for the year 2014, the calls in the helpline numbers are expected to rise this year. Students can also prepare themselves to avoid stress by following simple techniques that are discussed below: 1. Chalk out a plan : Always chalk out a plan while appearing for an exam. By studying last year's papers you can have an idea about the pattern of the question papers and accordingly keep a plan in your mind as in how to start attempting the questions during the exam. This will give you a head start and keep your mind stress free to a great extent. 2. Put in order : Make sure to arrange all your documents like Admit card, ID card, Pen, Paper and all other stationary items the night before the exam. This will not cause you unnecessary trouble of trying to find everything just before the exam and in turn getting you all stressed up. 3. Take rest : A proper rest before the exam is one of the most important techniques to beat stress. If you study all night before the exam, no amount of coffee will get you through the exam without forgetting a lot of what you have learnt. Experts are always of the opinion that a fresh mind is always more capable of recollecting answers as compared to a stressed mind. 4. Revise: Make sure to properly revise all that you have learnt at least once if not twice. Not being able to recollect answers and solutions during exam can get you stressed up which will further make you forget what you have learned and you don't want that to happen at any cost. Revising always helps you to easily remember what you have learned and also gives you the scope to relearn anything that you might have left out. 5. Move on: Students often get more stressed thinking again and again about the exam they have just given irrespective of the fact that what's done is done and cannot be rectified. The best thing to do is forget, move on and start preparing for the next upcoming exam. Unnecessary thinking will only increase your stress level and hamper your further preparation of other exams.

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