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Biochemistry of cell

  • All chemical reactions occurring in a living organism are together known as metabolism.
  • Biosynthetic pathways where simple structures form complex structures are known as anabolic pathways.
  • Degradation pathways where complex structures break to form simple structures are known as catabolic pathways.
  • Anabolic pathways consume energy whereas catabolic pathways lead to the release of energy.
  • Energy is liberated in the form of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate).
  • The rate of metabolic conversions (anabolism or catabolism) is affected by catalysts called enzymes.
Primary and Secondary metabolites-
  • Primary metabolites- Intermediates or products of metabolism directly involved in growth, development, and reproduction
    Example − fatty acids, amino acids, etc.
  • Secondary Metabolites − Intermediates or products of metaboli‚Ķ

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