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Physics and its Importance


  • Science: Systematic knowledge gained by man through observation and experimentation.
  • Science is subdivided into physical science (study of non-living things) and natural science (study of living things).
  • Physics is taken from the Greek word physikos meaning nature. It deals with matter, energy, various laws in nature, etc.
  • The various steps followed to investigate a phenomenon by scientific method are:
    • Identify the problem
    • Collect the basic information
    • Work out the hypothesis
    • Experiment and observation
    • Conclusion and generalisation of law or theory
    • Application of the theory


  • Physics in relation to technology:

           The connection between physics and technology can be seen in many examples.

    • Carnot’s theory of heat engine enabled man to develop refrigerators, engine, air conditioner etc.


    • Study of electromagnetic waves and propagation helped man to design communication systems.


    • The idea …

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