Role of Teacher - for Better Performance of Students under Maharashtra Board

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” - Albert Einstein The role of a teacher when it comes to the overall development of the student is a lot more than one can imagine. From studies, to extra curricular activities and from exam preparations and overall mental growth of the student, a teacher's responsibilities knows no bound. Although, after exams everybody holds the student responsible for the result, no matter if its good or bad, but the results hugely depend on the contribution of the teacher. Maharashtra SSC and Maharashtra HSC are two important exams under the Maharashtra Board and hence students preparing for these two exams need all the help and support they can get. Securing good marks in the SSC exam will allow the students to get enrolled in their preferred junior college and in their preferred stream, where as securing a good percentage in Maharashtra HSC will allow the students in whatever professional and graduation course they want to get enrolled in. Taking these things into consideration, it can be well stated that the role of the teacher is immense for developing and paving the career of a student towards the right direction. Some of the factors in which the teacher can help the students are described below:

1. Student's Development:

It is the first and foremost duty of the teacher to make sure that a students does not only stay immersed in studies. That's not at all good for either mind or the body. An overall development of the student is essential and a teacher has to make sure of that.

2. Study Sincerely:

One of the most important tasks of the teacher to help students obtain good marks in the Maharashtra SSC and Maharashtra HSC exams is to make sure that the students study sincerely. Students often tend to get sidetracked due to countless distractions and eventually end up messing up their preparation for the exam. A responsible teacher should make sure that no student gets sidetracked and even if someone does, the teacher should make sure that the student is brought back on track when there is still time.

3. Study Material:

Helping students in collecting the right study material for preparing for Maharashtra SSC or Maharashtra HSC is another of the important task of the teachers. Study materials can be collected from class lectures or from online resources. is one of the leading educational portals that have all the study material as well as sample papers, solved papers and a lot more for the Maharashtra Board. Students as well as teachers will find the study material very helpful for covering HSC and SSC exams. If a student is unable to come for classes due to illness or any other emergency, the teacher should make sure that the student does not lag behind and that he / she has proper access to the study material.

4. Result:

The role of a teacher is immensely vital on the day the result of Maharashtra SSC or Maharashtra HSC is declared. Students look up to their mentors and in case the result is good, they want their teachers to know first. Accordingly, if a student fails to score good marks in SSC or HSC exam, they expect consolation from their mentor. The teacher's job is to encourage the students and make sure they have their mental stability during such situations. A teacher should also motivate the student and make them understand that a bad result is not the end of the road as success is built on pillars of failure!

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