ICSE Class 12 English Syllabus for 2014-15

The syllabus for ICSE class 12 English for the year 2014-15 is comprehensive and helpful for students. The syllabus for Class 12 English allows students to nurture their interest and perform better in both literature and language exams. There are major literary works as well as grammar exercises in the syllabus, which fasten students' confidence for the impending Board Exams.

Aims (English Language)

1. To develop habits of:

(a) clear articulate expression, using accepted syntactical forms and structures, with a firm grasp of idiom;

(b) critical thinking, involving assessment and analysis of the written material provided.

2. To develop the capacity to critically and innovatively examine and to assess the value of passages of argumentative writing, to consider the assumptions upon which the arguments rest and to trace the implications that follow.

3. To develop adequate and appropriate vocabulary.

4. To develop the ability to comprehend and appreciate good prose.

Aims (Prescribed Texts)

1. To develop an appreciation of literature through a critical study of selected literary works.

2. To help students achieve through the study of literature, an understanding of the study of man.

3. To create an interest in the warp of thought which differs from that of the group to which the student belongs.

4. To develop the power of expression.

There will be two papers as follows:

Paper 1: English Language (3 hours) – 100 marks

Paper 2: Prescribed Textbooks (3 hours) – 100 marks

Paper 1: English Language (3 hours)

  • Question One: A composition on one of a number of subjects - 30 Marks

  • Question Two: A short composition based on suggested points – a review or an article which may be descriptive or argumentative in nature - 20 Marks

  • Question Three: Short-answer questions to test grammar, structure and usage - 20 Marks

  • Question Four: Comprehension - 30 Marks

Paper 2: Prescribed Texts (3 hours)

Candidates will be required to answer five questions as follows:

One textual question (compulsory) on the Shakespeare play/alternative prescribed play together with four other questions on at least three texts, which may include the Shakespeare play/alternative play.

  • Question 1 (compulsory) carrying 20 Marks

  • Four other questions, each carrying 20 Marks

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