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Arrange the follwing words in correct order for a meaningful sentence :

i) comesfrom/ the / most of/ flavour / its/ of / aroma / food.

i ) grew up / ofthe / amidst / Siddharth / pleasure / the / at / royal court /


i i) measured / intensity / in / decibel/ Noise / is/ units.

iv) and / eased up / tourist /study / visas/ has/ America / for Indians.

v) high levels/ contains/ and sugar / of/ junk food /fat /salt.

vi) On adequate / and / depands/ preparation / indomitable / success/


vi )Amendment Bil 2006 / passed / the juvenile / on / Justice /August 8, 2006 / The Parliament.

vi i) West Bengal­ Bhutan / The technical/ are / at / network / the / currently

/ an / railway / advanced stage /studies/ for

ix)Assoon as/ arrested / the / were / terror / suspects/ plot / al the / and

/ wasthwarted. x) unaffected / the 2004 / was/ jawa island / by / tsumani

xi) because of/ Delhi / earthquakes/ itslocatons/ prone to / is. xi ) debate / is not / or a / test / group / formal/ discussion / discussion / a

xi i) to save / the working / the counsel ors/ couples/ should / regularly /

their marriage / consult.

xiv) major / cotton / the textile /shortage of/ a / industry / is/ good quality


xv) to / al /should be / schools/ these students/ transferred / English

medium/ other.

xvi) to generate / sincere / in the / the Govt. /rural areas/ make / efforts/

should / employment.

xvi )should be / al the / in bad / residents/ of/ condition / The / buildings

/ notices/served.

xvi i) to meet /regularly /India / requirements/ its/ the sugar / imports.

xix) between / countries/ taking place / water wars/ developing / are /


xx) its approval/ The Union / sixth / gave / for the / of/ pay commission /

cabinet / seting up / the.

xxi) NewDelhi /India /fair / inaugurated / International/ Education / the /

on / 45th / July 15, 2006, / was/ in .

xxi ) widely/ in / English / India / one / language / ofthe / spoken / is/ most.

xxi i) growing / ofthe / India / economies/rapidly / is/ of/ one / world / the

xxiv) to oversee / beter / the state / steps/ seting up / the / take / infrastructure

/should / active / of

xxv)slaves/ have / machines/ modern gadgets/ made / us/ to.

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Subject: English, asked on on 17/9/17
The other day we heard someone smilingly refer to poets as dreamers. Now, it is accurate to refer to poets as dreamers, but is not discerning to infer, as this person did, that the dreams of poets have no practical value beyond the realm of literary diversion. The truth is that poets are just as practical as people who build bridges or look into microscopes and just as close to reality and truth. Where they differ from the logician and the scientist is in the temporal sense alone; they are ahead of their time, whereas logicians and scientists are abreast of their time. We must not be so superficial that we fail to discern the practicable ness of dreams. Dreams are the sunrise streamers heralding a new day of scientific progress, another forward surge. Every forward step man takes, in any field of life, is first taken along the dreamy paths of imagination. Robert Fulton did not discover his steamboat with full steam up, straining at some Hudson River dock ; first he dreamed the steamboat, he and other dreamers, and then scientific wisdom converted a picture in the mind into a reality of steel and wood. The automobile was not dug out of the ground like a nugget to gold; first men dreamed the automobile, and afterward, long afterward, the practical minded engineers caught up with what had been created by winging fantasy. He who looks deeply and with a seeing eye into poetry of yesterday finds there all the cold scientific magic of today and much which we shall not enjoy until some tomorrow. If the poet does not dream so clearly that blueprints of his vision can immediately be drawn and the practical conversions immediately effected, he must not for that reason be described as merely the mental host for a sort of harmless madness. For the poet, like an engineer, is a specialist. His being, turned to the life of tomorrow, cannot be turned simultaneously to the life of today. To the scientist he says, “Here, I give you a flash of the future”. The wise scientist thanks him, and takes that flash of the future and makes it over into a fiber of today.
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Fashion inspires one with the desire to seem rather than to be. Another of its characteristics is that every generation laughs at the old trends, but religiously follows the latest one. That explains the quick changes, sometimes queer and grotesque, that come about in the vast domain of fashion.
A particular fashion is popular for a few months before it is replaced by another. Yet, sadly, it has become a great Governor of our world. If poets were the unacknowledged legislators of the world, fashion models have become the acknowledged leaders!
Fashion?s writ runs not only in matter of dress and entertainment but also in law, politics and education. It has infiltrated things of grave importance. Universities, no longer devoted to pursuit of scholarship, hold fashion shows. Imitating Western decadence is a matter of pride.
The modern follow fashion for compelling reasons. They want to be identified with a selected group of people. New fashions may be adopted immediately by well known people, including sports persons, film stars or political figures. Then, other people may follow these fashions, so that they can identify with this privileged group.
Fashion is a way to gain acceptance from others of that class. This adoption of fashion applies more to clothes. Many youngsters identify with one another by wearing blue jeans. The more faded, the more fashionable!
A strong desire on the part of women to equal themselves with men has driven them to imitate the male of the human species. A look at the campus unveils the staggering number of boys and girls looking alike.
Is this an unconscious attempt at gender equality? While one may say yes or no to it, one thing is certain that this sartorial revolution is the work of designers who are laughing their way to the bank.
Shrewd psychologists, these designers shift the emphasis periodically. In this age of women libbers, they have designed garments that satisfy a woman's desire to equate and beat men.
Most fashions symbolise belonging to a group. This is seen on the university campus. After being there for some time, many plain Janes shed their behnji image and acquire a jet-age appearance.
Film stars are avidly followed by eager fans and this creates a fashion trend. Aamir Khan's hair style is a craze among boys. Many boys wear unbuttoned shirts, imitating Salman Khan. Is fashion a mere display of riches or the art of beautifying one's self? Perhaps, it is both.

Write the summary in about 80 to 100 words
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