JEE Advanced Preparation Tips

The difficulty level of the questions in JEE Advanced 2016 is higher than the JEE Main 2016 paper. The paper will test your ability to apply concepts and theorems that you are previously aware of. Now that you are one step closer to your IIT dream, wouldn’t you want to know few tips and trick to ace the exam?

  1. Find your focus and stay motivated: Try to focus more on understanding the topics rather than just reading the formulae or theories. You’ll not only learn the method used to arrive at the formulae and in the meantime you’ll never forget it too. Never lose track of your progress and don’t fall prey to distractions.
  2. Organise your time: Your daily study plan should include practice and revision. Your time management will reflect upon how well prepared you’ll be on the D-day. Record or watch the time taken to solve a practice paper. Tackle the difficult topics first and then the easy ones.
  3. Subject-wise preparation: While preparing for JEE Advanced 2016, follow a systematic subject-wise preparation so that you don’t end up ignoring any subject, which can prove fatal during the exam. Having good knowledge about the syllabus of all the subjects and also knowing which part of a particular subject will help you score more will definitely give you an edge and help you score better.
  4. Understanding the concepts and theories: This point is key to any other point when it comes to preparing for JEE Advanced 2016. Unless and until you are clear with the concepts and theories, numericals involving derivations will be impossible to solve.
  5. Practise solving previous years’ papers: Once you’re through with the concepts and have a good understanding of the theories, procure previous year papers and practice them regularly. This will help you to increase your problem-solving speed but will also give you an insight on the paper pattern.
  6. Solving numericals: Make this your new favourite pastime activity. Try solving as many numericals as you can in a day, and with subjects like Maths, Physics and Chemistry there is no lack in finding numerical problems. Look for numericals ranging in various difficulty levels. This will increase your solving ability for JEE Advanced 2016, accuracy and you’ll learn how to manage your time.
  7. Identify the difficult sections: Learn of your strengths and weakness as soon as possible in your preparation schedule. Mark the portions you find difficult in the notes. Practice questions based on them regularly.
  8. Do the easy portions later: Once you’ve identified your the crucial sections of the syllabus, work hard on them and push the easy ones for later. Even though you’ve pushed the easy part for later, don’t forget to revise them.
  9. Relax: Take out time for recreation. Watch a latest movie or go for a walk to clear your mind of thoughts and feel refreshed. Utilize your mornings for study instead of burning the lamp late at night. A fresh and calm mind is a better recipient.
  10. Talk to your peers: Clear your doubts with fellow aspirants and mentors. This kind of interaction will benefit you for long and you must be committed to your goal.

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    see i dont have ample of time and i also like studying at night because in the morning i am very sleepy and im not able to study im very confused what to do .. moreover i dont have my concepts clear which is a big draw back for me …how can i manage my time and whats the best time for me to study ? plz guide me about what to do .

    • Nikita says

      Hi Arjun,

      We suggest you to read this article to give a kickstart to your learning journey. Click HERE to view the article. Don’t lose hope yet, cheer up! :) All the Best!

      Team Meritnation

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