Consistency is the Key


In every area of our life- from education to work to health, it is our perseverance and mental toughness which actually determines our level of success. Even if you don’t have any particular talent but you are inquisitive and consistent in your efforts, surely you will achieve your goals. I also believe that talent is overrated. We all know that competitors outperform their … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Pack More Punch Into Your SA1 Revisions

3 Ways to Pack More Punch Into Your SA1 Revisions

SA1 exams are around the corner and revisions again will take the center stage of your study time. You might also want to cover whatever is left to study from the syllabus of the exam, as well as get practice for maths and other subjects. Sometimes all these activities together lead to a lot of mind clutter thus causing exam stress. In order to make your revisions smooth and … [Read more...]

Life Without Mathematics


  The number 40, when written as 'forty', is the only number having letters in alphabetical order, while 'one' is the only number with letters in reverse order. Mathematics, a simple 11-letter word, triggers extreme reactions and scowls from  most people irrespective of their ages. There are, however, quite a few who absolutely love it and enjoy working with it … [Read more...]

Pay the price!


I feel like I am addicted to YouTube, and I just cannot stop watching the movie trailer for ‘Sultan’. Now, this is an aberration as I am not a big Salman fan or a even a movie buff. What amazed me the most was the kind of efforts the 50+ year old actor made, while in the process of filming this blockbuster. (This was probably the first time I could really appreciate Salman’s … [Read more...]