3 Ways to Pack More Punch Into Your SA1 Revisions

3 Ways to Pack More Punch Into Your SA1 RevisionsSA1 exams are around the corner and revisions again will take the center stage of your study time. You might also want to cover whatever is left to study from the syllabus of the exam, as well as get practice for maths and other subjects. Sometimes all these activities together lead to a lot of mind clutter thus causing exam stress. In order to make your revisions smooth and much more than simply cramming all of what you have studied into an already overcrowded brain, you need to focus on ‘smart study‘ ideas. Here are 3 things to keep in mind to get the maximum benefit from your revisions in minimum time:

1) Make Your Revision Interesting

Try some of these to break the boredom associated with revisions.

group study

Make the Best of Group Study for Revisions

• You can participate in study groups online or with your friends and discuss the topics
• You can create study groups on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. and use those.
• Also, you can use Meritnation to connect with your friends on Friend Zone & access real time information on what they are studying. Peer collaboration and various other social learning opportunities provided by the site have served as fertile learning grounds.

Watch Videos

At times, reading study material over and over gets too dull. You can choose to revise through study videos on the site and on Youtube. Meritnation has over 9000+ videos that make concepts come to life. (Click here for study lessons and videos)

Use an exhaustive Question Bank

Instead of just going through study material again and again, asking and answering questions keeps things interesting. For effective revision, try asking questions – Why is this so? How do these areas relate to each other? Meritnation’s Ask & Answer forum with over 13 lakh questions and over 40 lakh answers to them – could be a useful place for you to get your doubts cleared. You can also use practice questions and sample papers for fresh questions.
Recommended Resources: Ask & Answer | Practice Questions

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2) Make Best Use of Resources at Hand

Study SMART! Focus on effectiveness of revisions in minimum possible time.

smart studyOrganise Your Notes

Condense your notes into brief summaries of the main points of the topic. Meritnation’s Revision Notes and Synopsis come in real handy here.
Recommended Resources: Revision Notes | Synopsis


Answering questions from past exam papers. Sample papers and previous years’ board papers on Meritnation are very popular with students.
Recommended Resources: Sample Papers  | Chapter Tests

Simulate Exam Conditions

Attempt answers under timed conditions. Full length test papers like the ones readily available on Meritnation make this easy. And that’s not all! You can even ‘check’ your answers against the ‘model’ answers provided.
Recommended Resources: Live Test Series  | Test Generator


3) Time All Tasks Wisely

Yes, it sounds cliché, but time management still is the most critical element in exam preparation!

Time Management for students exam revisionsMake a Revision Time Table

Go through your syllabus and prepare a checklist of topics you need to revise before the exam. Start off with a smaller number of hours and increase these week by week.

Revise Everyday

Don’t leave your revision until 2-3 weeks before the exam. Revision should be a continuous process. Log on to websites like Meritnation.com everyday to revise all that you studied in school that day. Doing so will help you retain information better and do away with any cause for stress.

Break up the Day

A key to increase concentration and hence information retention – Intersperse ‘interesting’ subjects with those that you find relatively boring.

Take Short Breaks

For every hour you study, take 5-10 minutes off. Don’t work longer than 3 hours at a time. Do something completely different. Research indicates this to be an excellent way to keep your mind fresh and receptive to information.

We hope these tips help you study smart and make the most out of your efforts. If you like these, please share with your friends too and help them. They are sure to thank you. :)

All the best!

Team Meritnation


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