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NEET or National Eligibility cum Entrance test is one of the most significant medical entrance tests in India for students aspiring to be Doctors. NEET is taken by thousands of students across the country every year. Given the fierce competition involved, preparation for the NEET 2017 involves systematic planning and smart study ideas. In order to ensure that your preparation is as good as it can be, our experts have set down a list of some extremely useful, yet easy-to-follow tips for an effective NEET preparation.

Plan Your Strategy Before You Start Preparation

1. Be Well Versed With The Syllabus
First of all make sure to take account of what all you need to cover. The syllabus for NEET 2017 can be found either here or on the official website.

2. Identify the Important Topics
Creating a list of important topics will help you prioritise your topics and subjects. You can go through the last 3 years’ NEET past paper analysis to identify topics with maximum weightage in terms of marks and number of questions. Also, experts, after their analysis, provide you a list of important topics for the coming year, i.e. NEET 2017

3. Systematically Execute Your Study Plan
Once you get a good idea of the syllabus you need to cover and the important topics, you can create a study plan for yourself. Try and stick to the plan diligently. Create separate buckets for study, practice (with sample questions and NEET sample papers) and revision. Leave some scope of flexibility in the plan. In case you fall back during a couple of days, try and make it up in the next few days to catch up to the overall flow of your NEET study plan.

Preparation Tips

4. Use The Best Study Material
Given the vast syllabus, it is absolutely critical to consult the most important books and study material for NEET to best utilize your limited time. Effective study material along with a systematic study plan goes a long in helping you develop conceptual clarity about different topics.

Best Books for NEET – In order to make the best use of personal study time coupled with the right tools for practice, candidates need to ensure that they have the best books to study from in the limited time available for AIPMT preparation. The NCERT XI and XII biology books are really effective in building a strong concept while preparing for AIPMT. However, preparation can be complemented with some other books like Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma, Physical Chemistry by O. P. Tandon, Organic Chemistry by Himanshu Pandey, Trueman’s Elementary Biology, etc. Our team of experts have compiled a list of the most important books for NEET Physics, NEET Chemistry and NEET Biology.
Click Here to View the List of Best Books for NEET 2017 –>

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Online Video Lessons and Tutorials for NEET 2017
 – Online tutorials are very effective when it comes to the preparation of NEET. Tutorials and study materials offered by are specially designed keeping in mind the exact study requirement needed for the preparation of NEET. Unlimited practice questions, past year’s solved questions of NEET, free NCERT solutions, live tests and a lot more helps you to to develop a strong foundation and appear in the entrance exam with confidence.

In an age where online education has become the biggest and easiest source of academic help that students can get, one can find a several ways to learn and practice subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students can access study notes, downloadable worksheets, practice papers and even participate in online tests. Try Now –>

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5. Past Year Papers
NEET exam’s previous years’ question papers help you discover the pattern in the papers, if any, and get you the advantage that is not worth missing at all. Subjects like Physics and Chemistry need lots of practice through numerical and practical questions. The past year papers are the best resource to get this kind of practice.

6. Sample Papers
Since the NEET is mostly in objective form, make sure you get enough practice when it comes to the short answers and the multiple choice questions. There are model papers and sample papers that are created after a careful analysis of last years’ trends, and these help you take on all types of questions head on. Also, attempt such tests while you time yourself by the watch. This way, you would not just be getting good with the pattern, but also be able to improve your speed while at it.

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Revision Ideas

7. Identify Your Strong and Weak Areas
The practice of identifying your strong and weak areas goes a long way in ensuring you score great in the NEET. If you are using online coaching or study lessons, the analytics engine will provide you a detailed report on each strength and weakness. If you do not have access to online programs, then you can review your attempted sample papers to spot patterns in which areas you score most and which areas you score less. You can accordingly then work upon your weak areas.

8. Revision Tip
When you are done with the initial preparation of the syllabus, you would require for revisions. For this, you require brief revision points that contain the important phrases, definitions, etc. Keep cue cards or sheets where you can jot down these points as and when they appear in your preparation. These would come handy when you want to do a short and quick session of going through your syllabus at the last minute.

For NEET aspirants, it is necessary that they concentrate not only on the practical but the theory subjects too. Physics and Chemistry are subjects that need to be practised through numerical and practical questions, whereas Biology is a subject that involves major amount of memorising words, phrases and definitions that make up different systems of a living body. We have a list of books, practice questions, revision notes and many other resurces conducive to your NEET preparation. You can access them below.

Important Resources for NEET 2016

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