Are You One Of The Meritnation Rankers? Check Now!

Beginning a new chapter in your academic journey, Meritnation introduced Rankers, a meritorious batch of students that aims to provide a homogenous learning environment; a classroom of peers who are focused and motivated to take all challenges straight in their faces and prepare themselves for their competitive exams.

The Rankers Test, which would qualify students to be a part of this special batch was held on July 10, 2016. Team Meritnation congratulates all the students who have qualified to be a part of this awesomeness. Welcome aboard Rankers! :)

Top 10 Rankers

S. No.

Student’s Name

Marks Scored

(Total Marks: 180)


1. Harsh Tripathi 170 Lucknow
2. M. Lal Keshav 170 Chennai
3. Vaibhav Mishra 170 New Delhi
4. Ritesh Rath 162 Odisha
5. Prajnesha Singh 161 Gopalpur
6. Nakul Chauhan 160 India
7. Medha 145 Ankleshwar
8. Harshit Sharma 139 Jaipur
9. Shubhodeep Karmakar 131 India
10. Adarsh Kumar 125 Rajkot

Many others did extremely well in the test too and qualified for Rankers. Their names are mentioned below:


Student’s Name


Kshitij Navi Mumbai
Ameetesh Sharma Talcher
Kapil Chandak Akola
B. Sai Prasad Karnataka
Moksha Sood Bharuch
Sunayna Padhye Ratlam
Rakshaa Viswanathan Tokyo
Aakash Ratha Navi Mumbai
Sanju Suresh Kollam
Haripriya Vizag
Shivanshu Kant Wankaner
Amaatye Mahajan Shimla
Bhavya Jain New Delhi
Loay Jeddah
Param Bhatt Bhavnagar
Priyanshu Sharma Yamunanagar
Udeep H. Shah Abu Zaby
Nevadhya Jaipur
Arko Rajasthan
Sudipan Datta Haldia
Ananya Shankar Dubayy
Vaibhav Garg Lucknow
Samriddhi Sinha Uttar Pradesh
Mohammed Adil Ibrahim Andhra Pradesh
Guna Shekar Hyderabad

Few important details students must note:

  1. The batch will start from 18 July, 2016.

  2. Classes will commence from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM IST.

  3. Classes will be held 6 days a week (Monday – Saturday).

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    • Mukul Agrawal says

      pls tell me fast that is irritating me a lot pls ………. i want to go in rankers batch…………..

    • Nikita says

      Hi Mukul,

      We are sorry to announce that you have not qualified this time. We hope that you’ll keep your spirits up and practise vigorously. :)
      All the best!

      Team Meritnation

  1. Kumar Vinayak says

    I knew about this test, I was prepared, I came to the website on the specified time, and still could not give the test. It didn’t show any link in the specified ‘All India Test Series’ section. Instead, it kept showing was ‘No Record Found’. I told about this through the email too, but no reply came after one mild and irrelevant reply. I searched everywhere on the site during the test time and afterwards also. What’s this? Why didn’t it come on my account only? Due to what error? I want another chance to get into Rankers’ batch. Will there be any other test to get into the batch? Well there better be, otherwise it’s unfair!
    PS- This time at least reply!

  2. Aashutosh Singal says

    Sir, I too had the problem of not being able to apply for the rankers test due to website errors at your side, I’m very sad saying this but I’m very disappointed by the service provided by you. Kindly help me and please give me at least one chance to prove my potential. Kindly look into the matter and oblige.🙌🙏

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