Meritnation Premium Users Register Four Fold Growth in Live class Usage

Four-Fold Growth in Live Class Usage

There is a sudden shift in the education system from offline to online due to the Coronavirus situation. Most students have started taking online classes and tuitions as well to complete the syllabus before the final exams. 

Riding on the growth of the EdTech sector, Meritnation, a subsidiary of test preparation leader Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL), has recorded enormous four-fold growth in terms of minutes of Live Classes attended by premium students in the months of October and November alone. It was recorded that many students are attending the Maths and Science Live Classes regularly.

This percentage was calculated by analyzing the usage of the Live Classes at the beginning of the lockdown vs the current usage. As per the findings, there is nearly 300% growth in minutes of Live Classes attended by premium users and almost 400% growth in students from Grade XI (Science). It seems that since the exams are nearing, students are now dedicating maximum time to their studies.  

Grade VI-IX has also registered nearly three-fold growth which is equivalent to 200% during the pandemic. On average, it has been recorded that a premium user studied for approximately 70 minutes every day on Meritnation.

Mr. Narasimha Jayakumar, CEO, Aakash Edutech Pvt. Ltd. commented on the impressive growth saying, “Online learning has become the new normal with the emergence of Covid-19 since March 2020. To seamlessly continue with the studying process, students in large percentages are adopting the virtual learning mode and will continue to do so in the post-Covid era as well. The increase in the number of students studying on the Meritnation platform clearly reflects the acceptance of our teaching, faculty, and curriculum. We will continue to customize our courses according to the requirements of the students in the near future in order to enable them to study from the comfort of their homes.”

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