Make Way for the Meritnation SuperTab!

supertab_300x300Hey! We have some great news for you!

For all of you out there who have enjoyed the innovative experience of learning on Meritnation in the past, and for those who are just discovering them, studying on Meritnation just got even better. Meritnation is launching two brand-new products for students of CBSE Classes 6-10.

Introducing SuperTab by Meritnation! Students can now access all the high quality resources on Meritnation in the offline mode on a Lenovo Tab. Available at the most competitive prices in the market, SuperTab by Meritnation is on offer  in the form of two products – SuperTab Live – Pro and SuperTab Self Study.

Get The Best of Both Worlds

Don’t we all just hate how tough it gets to study online with breaking/inconsistent internet connections? And what with buffering issues that break the continuity and spoil it all! With Meritnation SuperTab, say bye-bye to bad internet problems. You can study offline without any hindrances! SuperTab comes pre-loaded with all the concept videos, study material, tests, sample papers, practice questions & solutions that you can ask for!

You can also choose to switch to the online mode and explore more options like Live Classes, Live Test Series, Test Generator and Ask and Answer as well!

A Super combo for a super experience.

Offline Features Online Features (In addition)
Study Material with videos and Topic Tests Ask and Answer
Chapter Tests and Reports Live Test Series
Textbook Solutions (NCERT and more) and Board Paper Solutions Test Generator
Sample Papers
Revision Notes

So go ahead, explore the Power of Meritnation on a Tab! To know more, click here

Happy Studying!

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