Healthy Competition among Peers fosters Faster Learning

healthy_competition Does the word ‘competition’ always conjure up images of people pushing and shoving over others to make to the top? Research suggests that competition need not always be unhealthy. In fact, if done right, it can be a good thing. This brings us to the question – can classroom competition be healthy?

The answer is YES. Studying with students who have similar ability levels, makes the process of learning faster and enjoyable. Students can interact with each other at the same wavelength, and push each other to do better. Healthy classroom discussions and interactions also make it easy for the teacher to explain theories and ideas in a focused manner. Highlighting the importance of a healthy competitive environment in classrooms, Po Bronson, in his famous book ‘Top Dog: The Science of Winning & Losing’, writes, “What kids need more than anything is not to win or lose but a close race, a fair competition where everyone feels like they’ve got a fighting chance”. A classroom that has peers of equal ability provides students the added stimulation to keep trying harder and push themselves that little bit more.

healthy competition

The benefits however do not end in the classroom. The valuable lesson of continuing to persevere, and make that effort, even when you are comparing to the best around you, is a ‘life-lesson’ that effectively teaches students to go out there and compete.This awareness that each one has a ‘fighting chance’ to win, helps them to strive harder.

With advancements in technology, students today get excellent opportunities to learn with peers spread across different geographic locations, under the guidance of the best teachers, while creating a healthy environment of competition amongst them. Research indicates that high-ability students perform best when placed with other high-ability students, due to this increased sense of competition.

Benefits of Healthy Competition with your Peers:

  • Faster learning: When students with a similar level of seriousness and curiosity are put together, it makes the learning process effective
  • More participative classroom discussions: Students engage actively & participate in classroom; something which is missing in a classroom of passive and less engaged learners.
  • Focussed teacher instruction: Due to the homogeneous nature of the class, the tutor or teacher too is able to give instructions matching more closely to the needs of the students, benefitting all.
  • Boosts motivation:Cohesive learning with peers boosts motivation levels and ultimately results in a better comprehension of the topic.
  • Better optimization of individual goals & achievements:A learning experience that is based on healthy competition, helps students to individually optimise their goals and achievements.
  • Enhanced Self Esteem: Since it helps them perform better academically, persist longer, and feel better about the educational experience, students benefit from an enhanced self esteem. 

At Meritnation, our efforts are always directed to making the learning experience as enjoyable and beneficial to the the students as possible. We seek to provide our students, a homogeneous learning environment that prepares them for the tough competitive exams; a classroom environment with peers who are focused, motivated and raring to go, to take on challenges one after the other, as they prepare for their competitive exams.

Would you like to be part of such a group? Keep watching this space for more details.


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